Frontend Callback (React Native)

Frontend callback feature is released on May 26, 2022.


Our SDK provides a callback after closing or submitting the survey by the user. For that you just need to add listener for oneFlowSurveyFinishNotification event which will get triggered as soon a user will submit the survey. In the below code, you will see how to implement a 1Flow survey callback in React Native.
componentDidMount() { OneFlow.configure( '<1flow_project_key>', true, // true if want to enable surveys otherwise false. ); /* Adding 'oneFlowSurveyFinishNotification' event listener. This event will be triggered as soon as user will submit the survey. */ OneFlow.eventEmitter1Flow.addListener( 'oneFlowSurveyFinishNotification', this.oneFlowSurveyFinishNotificationHandler, ); } /* Event listener function which will be called as soon as 'oneFlowSurveyFinishNotification' will be triggered. */ oneFlowSurveyFinishNotificationHandler = (eventObj) => { console.log(eventObj; }

Demo data structure 1flow callback:

Example:- { "survey_id": "XXXXXXXXXXXXX", "survey_name": "Rating Survey", "trigger_name": "fileSaved", "status": "finished", "screens": [ { "question_title": "How it worked", "question_type": "checkbox", "screen_id": "XXXXXXXXXXXXX", "question_ans": [ { "answer_value": "Option 1" }, { "answer_value": "Option 2" }, { "answer_value": "Other", "other_value": "Checkbox Other" } ] }, { "question_title": "Your valuable feedback", "question_type": "text", "screen_id": "XXXXXXXXXXXXX", "question_ans": [ { "answer_value": "This is user's feedback" } ] } ] }

Fields in 1flow callback:

survey_name: string
trigger_event_name: string
status: string
screens: Array