Understanding Development vs Production Keys

1Flow provides different API keys for development and production purposes. To ensure the best user experience and the most accurate data collection, it's important to know the difference between the two and when to use them.

Development (Dev) Keys

Development keys are used when testing 1flow and submitting test responses.

Production (Prod) Keys

Production keys are for your actual users to submit real data.


Currently, 1flow does not have a specific filter for displaying data collected using Dev or Prod keys, as they are treated equally.
In the future, we plan to introduce a filter for this, allowing you to easily separate Dev vs Prod data.


In production, use the Prod key. During development, use the Dev key. But given that we do not differentiate the keys right now, It is also okay to use the Prod key throughout your testing and deployment - it will work just fine.
Make sure you don’t accidentally delete any API keys from project settings. If you do that, any production traffic using that API key will not send any data to 1Flow.