Testing a survey internally

This can be done in the “Triggers and Audience” section > Audience Rule.
While you can certainly target yourself by user trait (e.g. email contains {your domain}), we recommend that you create a manual cohort, and add yourself / your team into that cohort.
Then, you can simply add audience rule to target by Cohort.
  1. Go to 1Flow Dashboard > Users page
  1. Click on “+ New” button on top left panel to create new manual cohort
  1. Go back to all users tab, search your user ID in the search bar to find yourself
  1. Click on the checkbox next to yourself
  1. In the options that show up, select “Add to manual cohort”
  1. Head back to your survey draft and add audience rule by Cohort
Once you’re done, publish your survey and test it.
The survey should be immediately available after publishing, but you need to background quit your mobile app and then relaunch it for surveys to fetch and show up. For web, you’ll need to refresh your page.