Common Questions

SDK Performance

How much does the 1Flow SDK add to our overall package size?
What's the impact on app performance for including the SDK? Does it introduce any lags in the user experience?
What's your server uptime / SLA? Would there be any issues with performance for when we have tens of thousands of users in the app?

Data Access & Integrations

How can we get access to the user data collected by 1Flow?
How can we integrate 1Flow with our custom solutions?
How can we get notifications when user submits new responses?
Does 1Flow integrate with my analytics software?
Does 1Flow integrate with my CRM software?
Does 1Flow integrate with my Customer Data Platform?
Does 1Flow integrate with my data pipeline?

User Privacy and Data Security

Is 1Flow GDPR compliant?
Is 1Flow CCPA compliant?
Is 1Flow SOC 2 Type 2 compliant?
Will my data be private and safe?


Can we use 1Flow on both the website and the mobile app?
Can we use 1Flow on native desktop applications (Windows or Mac)?
Can we use 1Flow in our Chrome Extensions?
Can we create skip logic in 1Flow based on the user’s response?
Can we customize the design of 1Flow widgets to make it look native to our app?
Can we do A/B test or run multiple survey versions?
Can we randomize the answer?
Can we localize surveys or add multiple language translations to the same survey?
Does 1Flow support personalization using user data?
What will the results dashboard look like after we get responses back?


What is an MRU (monthly-reached user)?
What is an MTU (monthly-tracked user)?
How many team members can I invite to my 1Flow account?
How many events can I track with 1Flow SDK?
How many projects can I create in 1Flow?
How many surveys can I run?
How many responses can I collect?
What happens if I exceed my plan's limits?
What payment methods do you support?
Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan?
Do I have to sign a long-term contract?
What if I want to cancel?
Do you offer a free trial?

Customer Service

What kind of support do you offer?
What is your usual reply time?
What if we have technical questions or run into issues during implementation?
Do you offer advisory services on best practices?

About Our Team

Who is behind 1Flow?
Where is your office located?
What makes 1Flow a trustworthy company? Will it go away?
How can I join the team?