Exit Intent Surveys

Introducing Exit Intent Surveys for Web

You can use 1Flow to target users when they are about to close your website. Or navigate to another tab.
This is where Exit Intent survey comes in.
Exit Intent works on the web and it’s a built-in feature of 1Flow JavaScript SDK.
When the mouse cursor of the user leaves the page (hint: you can match URL patterns to let it only show up when you want it to), the survey will immediately be triggered.
This captures the user attention and allows them to tell you why they are dropping off from your acquisition funnel.

Video Walk-Through

Here’s a full walk through:

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Create the survey questions in 1Flow
  1. Navigate to Configure Tab
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  1. In Platforms settings, make sure web is selected
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  1. Go to triggers and audience, When to show section, and add a new Page Trigger
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  1. From the following dropdown menu, select Exit Intent
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  1. Click on add filter, and select page property filter.
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  1. Configure where you’d like the Exit Survey to show up by filtering the page URL pattern. For example, you may only want it to show on pages where the URL contains /signup (just an example, feel free to change it)
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  1. Recommended - Go to Frequency and Scheduling section and turn on Recurring survey every 7 days. Also make sure you select Only show once (this means for the same user, they will only get this once every 7 days, and not every time they move outside the frame)
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  1. When you’re satisfied, Publish the survey to go live! 🚀
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