Create survey with AI

1Flow AI can now create survey for you based on your research goal and specific context. This feature is available in all plans at no additional cost.
To use this feature, log into your 1Flow dashboard. Click on Create Survey.
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From the templates collection, click on Create with AI.
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Now, tell AI about your research goal, such as:
  • Find pain points in the onboarding flow
  • Understand why users don’t use the app enough
  • Figure out what features are missing
  • Learn why users sign up to use our tool
  • Ask users how they discovered our product
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Use this Add details section to add additional context for AI to understand what you need.
E.g. we’re a project management software mobile app. our users are… we already know that… but not sure why…
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Then hit Create with AI. It takes about 5 seconds for AI to generate a full survey for you.
This feature is magical, but also quite new. We’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback anytime. Just chat with our team in the in-app chat to provide any feedback! Cheers.