Install SDK

With our SDKs, you can integrate 1Flow across web and mobile platforms to launch in-app surveys and in-app messaging campaigns.
Once the SDK is installed, you will have full control over all surveys and announcements directly through the 1Flow Dashboard. No code changes or engineering resources are needed to launch new surveys or announcements, or updating existing ones.
Browse the web and mobile SDKs below to learn more about how 1Flow works on each platform & tech stack.

🖥 Web

JavaScriptJavaScriptGoogle Tag ManagerGoogle Tag Manager

📱 Mobile

iOS – SwiftiOS – SwiftiOS – Objective-CiOS – Objective-CAndroid – KotlinAndroid – KotlinAndroid – JavaAndroid – JavaReact NativeReact NativeFlutterFlutterSegment iOSSegment iOSSegment AndroidSegment Android
Using many SDKs? You can use the custom analytics manager class to make tracking calls to all of them with one line of code - check out our guide here.