Enabling Push in Flutter & React Native Projects

To enable push notifications for Flutter and React Native projects, simply follow the instructions below to update the native app configurations for each platform.


  1. Navigate to the iOS Project Directory:
      • Open your terminal and navigate to your iOS project directory.
  1. Update CocoaPods:
      • Run the following command to ensure you are using the latest version of CocoaPods:
        • shell
          pod update
  1. Open Xcode Workspace:
      • Open the .xcworkspace file in Xcode:
  1. Update App Delegate:


  1. Update OneFlow SDK:
      • Ensure you are using the latest version of the OneFlow SDK. Update your build.gradle file to include the latest SDK version.
  1. Open Android Workspace:
      • Navigate to android project directory, open directory in android studio.
  1. Follow Android Mobile Push SDK Instructions:
By following these steps, you will ensure that your iOS and Android projects are updated with the latest dependencies and configurations for mobile push notifications.