1Flow’s native integration with Braze allows you to easily track events and update user traits in Braze, based on 1Flow survey responses. This enables you to create powerful new audiences and segments, and succeed in a post-IDFA world with zero-party data which you own.
With 1Flow, you can collect nearly any type of data. Ranging from personal info (name, age, email), performance data (NPS, Customer Satisfaction, star ratings), preferences (preferred device, preferred frequency of communication), or personality (favorite book, dog, or cat person). What you ask is entirely up to you and what kind of audiences you're looking to build.

Connect Braze integration

From Braze

  1. Log into your organization’s Braze account.
  1. Follow Braze documentation to get your cluster REST endpoint - you’ll need to enter this into 1Flow.
  1. Navigate to Braze Developer Console.
  1. Create an API key with at least the users.track permission - you’ll need to enter this into 1Flow.

From 1Flow

  1. Log into your 1Flow dashboard and navigate to Integrations.
  1. Click on Braze > Connect.
  1. In the side panel that opens up, paste the API endpoint of your Braze account.
  1. Next, paste the API key of your Braze account with users.track permission.
  1. Use the toggles to control whether or not you’d like to update user traits and track survey answers as events in Braze.
  1. (Optional) customize the event name which is tracked for survey answers.
  1. Save your work once finished.
You have now successfully set up survey data integration between 1Flow and Braze. All new survey submissions will be sent to Braze in real-time according to your settings.